3 ways to carve out family time

Being a full time real estate investor can be a daunting task especially for the beginner.

For a beginner finding family time in the midst of acquiring properties, selling/renting them, and doing their own property management can seem impossible.

As they continue to progress in their investments, outsourcing/automating certain aspects of the business like property management or having a call center. 

However, before this happens family time can be strained, and continuing to improve your relationships along your journey is crucial to your success and happiness. 

So if you’re a new investor or starting a new business here are 3 ways you can carve out family time:

1. Use your weekends

Most of us including me, still work on Saturdays and Sundays but you can definitely find time on these days too.

Cutting your day short on a Saturday or taking off a Sunday for family has been a staple for me in carving out family time.

This works so well because you’re coordinating schedules with your family as most people work jobs Monday Friday

2. Plan Special Events

Concerts, short vacations, movies, hiking and physical stuff, or anything that gets you all together and engaged is awesome!

My personal favorite is to play tennis at night before bed. It’s great exercise and I can spend time with people I love in a fun low pressure environment.

3. Share a meal together 

Sharing a meal together like breakfast or dinner can make it easier to see your family and spend quality time every day.

This is important because it’s consistent and usually high quality time to talk and go over the projects for the week.

Checking up daily on others around you is crucial to your success as a businessperson because you’ll need support and help along your way.

These are a few ways that I’ve used and I continue to use them and others.

Family time is very important and not to be overlooked. Here is my wife Chantal, and my mom’s dog at Chantals parents house.

​I mean, seriously, how easy is it to have an awesome day with these two and the pool?! 

I’m learning family time is so crucial for sustaining success and breaking away from the day to day stress of putting out fires in business and life.

 I’m so grateful for my family and the support they always give me.

Have fun with the extra family time you get from using these methods and if you’d like to see more on how you can reverse engineer your life to be what you want it to be 

Follow me on Youtube and instagram @kalebhammersley and let me know what you guys think and what you’d like to see next! 


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