How to be a Business, Man??

What does it take to be a business man?? 

There are 3 stages to every entrepreneurs journey, as well as 3 key differences in what thier businesses look like at each stage.
Stage 1. The entrepreneur is really just a technician, who knows a certain kind of hustle and can perform the income generating activities well. They make money and are successful by most standards but the more successful they become, the busier and less free time they have to enjoy their success. What they really have is a company. An LLC/Corp/SP etc. That they run themselves. They can’t grow any more unless they find another way or die of a premature heart attack from stress.
This leads us to Stage 2. Where the technician then becomes the manager who coaches others to having success as technicians at first. The entrepreneur’s new goal is to effectively hire, train, and develop great leaders to replace him in various areas of the business. This allows the business to grow beyond the technicians capabilities and promotes further growth by incentivizing the cream to rise to the top and take over larger pieces of the actual business that has risen from company status.
Stage 3 is when the business forms into an enterprise. Conquering new locations with the amazing systems used to master turning the company into a business, this is how the true entrepreneur defines him or herself. McDonalds or Subway would be a great example of this and contrary to popular belief you don’t need to work 24/7 to have this kind of money and impact. Not at this stage in the game at least. In fact, successfuly traversing the managerial phase should allow you to work more regular hours than the average technician pulling their hair out and falling asleep at the keyboard. 
I wanted to share this with you guys because many of us are working harder and not smarter. If you do this thing right you will have something much bigger than yourself that effects the lives of potentially millions of people.
Those people need the best you, and the best your enterprise can offer. You can’t do that without taking care of you first and foremost. 

When you’re empty you can’t give or be inspired.

When you fill yourself up first you can give and giving starts the recieving process.

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** This line of thinking came from one of my favorite books, The E-Myth check it out here!👇👇👇👇


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