Networking & Alliances 

I have heard it said that people come into your life for a reason, a season, and/or a lifetime. 
The truth is nobody is either for you or against you. What makes the difference is what you put out into those relationships first. 

If you actively try to help others reach their goals they will most likely return the favor. 

By doing this you can create long lasting relationships while building a reputation as someone people need to know. 

How easy is it then to be introduced and connected with those that YOU need to know? 

Pretty damn easy.

Because this is a huge bonus for you, it might be smart to preemptive strike this one.

What I mean is that, giving starts the recieving process and draws people to want to reciprocate the value you provided them

So being a connector for those in your circle so that they succeed just helps those you care about as well as them wanting to help you.

Check out these pages for real estate investing and making new connections: 

● Connected Investors

● Bigger Pockets

● My Youtube Channel

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