Me and my fiancé have been helping homeowners just like you here in Indiana for a while now. It all started in college, where we watched countless individuals who were extremely talented and successful, not able to find a job in the field of their choice, and even worse, finding a job only to learn that they spent four years and a ton of money in loans and they hate it. Watching our friends and family go through this time and time again was hard on us, especially when we realized that we were one semester from graduation with no real direction for what would come next! We were both pre-med with no desire to go through so much schooling, and pay so much money, just to be unhappy in our careers. After months of research I started teaching myself different ways to solve our problems. Our main motivation for going all the way through school pre-med was because we wanted to help and make a difference in people’s lives. I found that there were a ton of families going through financial hardships and situations that caused them to want to sell their house quickly and for cash. Since that time we have dedicated our company to help those homeowners in need and I’m proud to say we have been very successful. Our company motto is “The Seller Must Benefit”. We believe in paying the homeowner top-dollar and treating them like family, and in return they will refer all their friends and family to us as well. If we put a deal together I will hold your hand every step of the way by handling all of the paperwork and managing the closing to ensure the deal gets done the right way, and in your timeframe. All we ask is that you give us one shot at making you an offer, sound fair? Great! Call us now at 812-250-9694 and let us do the work!

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