Investment Club Meetings!

One of the best ways that you can find good real estate deals and find people who can help you solve your current problems with your house is by attending your local real estate investor meetings. 

So whether you’re looking to sell your home or you’re an investor looking for deals, these can be a valuable non traditional resource.

Last time I hosted my local real estate investment club meeting, I talked about how investors can use digital platforms to help more distressed homeowners and investors looking to find their way.

This time,  I’ll be speaking about providing value to those looking into real estate and establishing themselves as an authority in their market.

Here are the top 3 ways that I have seen work for myself and other real estate investors;

1. Public Speaking Engagements

Public speaking is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority to both your customers and your colleauges.

Getting up and providing excellent content to your audience takes some planning and some courage.

When you do this right however, your audience will enjoy your message, take valuable information away from it, and respect your courage.

2. Numbers and Data

People love data and numbers to back up your statements.

This provides you with authority because numbers dont lie and people respect evidence

Creating visual aids that show the data in a clear concise way is they key here.

Make sure your audience can appreciate the data you provide by giving it to them in the way they most comfortably consume information

3. Engage with the top influencers

Engaging with top influencers in your market is awesome!

Whats even better is when you can do this through social media so everyone can see!

If there’s no public record of it, it didnt happen.

So reach out to those in your market that are doing well and learn from them.

Just make sure everyone sees that also and you’ll be known as an associate to that person

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or are an investor looking for deals, one of the best ways that you can find good real estate deals and find people who can help you solve your current problems with your house is by attending your local real estate investor meetings.

I’ll be hosting tonights meeting in Evansville Indiana at the Carousel restaurant on the east side.

Comment for details!

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3 Keys To Success

I love this picture because it shows where this all started for me. Sitting in my loving room on a laptop changed my entire life.

For any of you out there struggling to make ends meet or trying to find a way to make your business or finances work dont give up!

Keep going because we all have been there and will continue to push each other to greater hieghts if we work together and never quit!

Thats why I have put together a list of the top 3 things that took me from working countless hours isolated from friends and family, to being able to take trips to other countries, and live life without being tied to a desk or struggling financially

Yes! There is a chance! and here’s what I’ve learned so far and the three most important things that I’ve taken from them:


Anticipation is an amazing tool that many people over look.

If you have seen the tv show power, in one of the early episodes Ghost says something like:

“Its my job to know what you want from me before you ask me for it”

I love that quote!

It is so true in every situation from business to relationships with friends and family to your intimate relationships.

If you can anticipate whats going to happen and act on it or influence a different outcome before it happens you have the ultimate advantage.

Ever heard the saying, “Hindsight is 20/20” ?

Imagine if you could go back in time and reverse every bad decision you’ve made or influence a more beneficial outcome.

What would that look like? Where would you be now compared to where you are? What scars could you have avoided?


Now we all know that many people have avoided huge mistakes in life simply by knowing where someone else went wrong or right.

So we probably have used that same method by the council of people around us.

However sometimes we dont always have insight from those around us on some of the most important topics we face.

Business is a huge one for most people including myself.

We can hurdle this obstacle with ease when sourcing knowledge from other people we never have met!

Youtube and books work wonders!! If you need a more structured approach grab a few courses.

Best investments I ever made were in my own brain!

The point is whatever youre facing, use the knowledge of others to anticipate the circumstances and behaviours of those around you to make better decisions.

Massive Action

And finally taking massive action can never steer you wrong.

The second you get you plan in order its time to make your move and come exremely correct

When you strike it should be the mindset of either I make this happen or I die trying.

That means take massive action from the start and dont stop taking action until you achieve your goal.

One of the best books to take a look at that explains what Im talking about is the power of broke by Daymond John from Shark Tank

By taking massive action you set yourself up for Success simply by the law of averages. 

What this basically means is that if you do something enough times you will eventually get it right or perfect it.

There have been so many stories of people who had less than average Talent who took the World by storm simply just because of the law of averages or what a lot of people like to call hard work

Whatever you call it or however you describe it it comes down to taking massive action and doing whatever it takes to get the job done

If you can incorporate all three of these things you’re well on your way to being successful in whatever field you choose especially real estate investment.


 How adaptable to change are you? 

In your body, business, relationships, and life in general. 

As your business grows, you will have to also. 

Being adaptable in any situation has been huge for me and probably the biggest reason for achieving anything in my real estate investing business. 
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Networking & Alliances 

I have heard it said that people come into your life for a reason, a season, and/or a lifetime. 
The truth is nobody is either for you or against you. What makes the difference is what you put out into those relationships first. 

If you actively try to help others reach their goals they will most likely return the favor. 

By doing this you can create long lasting relationships while building a reputation as someone people need to know. 

How easy is it then to be introduced and connected with those that YOU need to know? 

Pretty damn easy.

Because this is a huge bonus for you, it might be smart to preemptive strike this one.

What I mean is that, giving starts the recieving process and draws people to want to reciprocate the value you provided them

So being a connector for those in your circle so that they succeed just helps those you care about as well as them wanting to help you.

Check out these pages for real estate investing and making new connections: 

● Connected Investors

● Bigger Pockets

● My Youtube Channel

●  Schedule a Call or Email me!

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Dream and Execute 

Focus is one of the most important intangibles that one can have when going for their dreams
There are those of us that take pride in how hard of a worker we are and those of us who hate to get caught up in the “grunt work”

The truth again lies in the middle….

Yes we have to dream big and see the big picture in what we want from life.

Yes we must stay realistic and knock out our smaller goals on the way to the larger ones.

We need both to thrive and be successful and that means sometimes we need to take a step back and plan our next move correctly.

It also means we have to step up to the plate and realize what it is going to take to achieve that goal.

In order to combine these, Ive found that its beneficial to work in sprints

Relatively short 90-day sprints of high intensity work where you just put your head down and execute have worked well for me.

I always make sure to take a day to a week or so to fully plan out my strategy for the next 90 days.

This method GETS SHIT DONE and has helped me stay sane in the process and not get burnt out.

You can also use your vacations to regroup and plan the next execution phase.

During these I love reading books that are longer and harder to get through normally.

I also love rewarding myself with those things I envisioned in order to motivate myself to succeed.

Here are some of the best and most impactful books I’ve read that loaded me up to execute better on my goals.

I hope they bring you as much value as they have me!

1. The E-Myth Real Estate Investor

2. The 4-Hour Workweek

3. Millionaire Success Habits

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How to be a Business, Man??

What does it take to be a business man?? 

There are 3 stages to every entrepreneurs journey, as well as 3 key differences in what thier businesses look like at each stage.
Stage 1. The entrepreneur is really just a technician, who knows a certain kind of hustle and can perform the income generating activities well. They make money and are successful by most standards but the more successful they become, the busier and less free time they have to enjoy their success. What they really have is a company. An LLC/Corp/SP etc. That they run themselves. They can’t grow any more unless they find another way or die of a premature heart attack from stress.
This leads us to Stage 2. Where the technician then becomes the manager who coaches others to having success as technicians at first. The entrepreneur’s new goal is to effectively hire, train, and develop great leaders to replace him in various areas of the business. This allows the business to grow beyond the technicians capabilities and promotes further growth by incentivizing the cream to rise to the top and take over larger pieces of the actual business that has risen from company status.
Stage 3 is when the business forms into an enterprise. Conquering new locations with the amazing systems used to master turning the company into a business, this is how the true entrepreneur defines him or herself. McDonalds or Subway would be a great example of this and contrary to popular belief you don’t need to work 24/7 to have this kind of money and impact. Not at this stage in the game at least. In fact, successfuly traversing the managerial phase should allow you to work more regular hours than the average technician pulling their hair out and falling asleep at the keyboard. 
I wanted to share this with you guys because many of us are working harder and not smarter. If you do this thing right you will have something much bigger than yourself that effects the lives of potentially millions of people.
Those people need the best you, and the best your enterprise can offer. You can’t do that without taking care of you first and foremost. 

When you’re empty you can’t give or be inspired.

When you fill yourself up first you can give and giving starts the recieving process.

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** This line of thinking came from one of my favorite books, The E-Myth check it out here!👇👇👇👇

3 ways to carve out family time

Being a full time real estate investor can be a daunting task especially for the beginner.

For a beginner finding family time in the midst of acquiring properties, selling/renting them, and doing their own property management can seem impossible.

As they continue to progress in their investments, outsourcing/automating certain aspects of the business like property management or having a call center. 

However, before this happens family time can be strained, and continuing to improve your relationships along your journey is crucial to your success and happiness. 

So if you’re a new investor or starting a new business here are 3 ways you can carve out family time:

1. Use your weekends

Most of us including me, still work on Saturdays and Sundays but you can definitely find time on these days too.

Cutting your day short on a Saturday or taking off a Sunday for family has been a staple for me in carving out family time.

This works so well because you’re coordinating schedules with your family as most people work jobs Monday Friday

2. Plan Special Events

Concerts, short vacations, movies, hiking and physical stuff, or anything that gets you all together and engaged is awesome!

My personal favorite is to play tennis at night before bed. It’s great exercise and I can spend time with people I love in a fun low pressure environment.

3. Share a meal together 

Sharing a meal together like breakfast or dinner can make it easier to see your family and spend quality time every day.

This is important because it’s consistent and usually high quality time to talk and go over the projects for the week.

Checking up daily on others around you is crucial to your success as a businessperson because you’ll need support and help along your way.

These are a few ways that I’ve used and I continue to use them and others.

Family time is very important and not to be overlooked. Here is my wife Chantal, and my mom’s dog at Chantals parents house.

​I mean, seriously, how easy is it to have an awesome day with these two and the pool?! 

I’m learning family time is so crucial for sustaining success and breaking away from the day to day stress of putting out fires in business and life.

 I’m so grateful for my family and the support they always give me.

Have fun with the extra family time you get from using these methods and if you’d like to see more on how you can reverse engineer your life to be what you want it to be 

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RENOVATION INNOVATION! The Special and Creative Updates in This Home Will Amaze You


You May Want To Sit Down Before You See These Pictures…


This home has been updated and renovated from top to bottom, creating an amazing combination between modern and “*sigh*… Home.” feeling.

Listed at just $89,900 This spectacular 2 Bedroom home, with space for a 3rd bedroom, is stepping onto the market and sure to turn heads!

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For the rest of the brand new exclusive pictures visit our website at

109 N Arjem St Exclusive Photo Album

Come see this renovated 2-story home located on a quiet street, just a block away from municipal park where you can enjoy the area on walks, play tennis with friends, or watch your favorite teams’ baseball and softball games.


This 2-bedroom home can easily be converted into a 3-bedroom, sits on a 8,712 sq. ft. lot, and includes a beautiful deck and huge backyard for family cookouts or just tossing the football in the backyard.


The shed also provides even more storage space in addition to the workshop and laundry room in the basement. This combined with the exceptional schools in the area, make this home an incredible opportunity for both the young family and retirees looking to settle down.


***Please note that, for a limited time, this home comes with a $500 credit toward the buyer’s closing costs***


This property is only available to the buyer who acts NOW. Stop reading and start calling:



For Sale By Owner- Office Property Available!

Great opportunity with this hidden gem of commercial property, zoned for General Business, B-3, it comes included with an egregious amount of parking space in addition to the detached car port and corner lot location off of the most busy street in the entire town, a business owner’s dream!

Equipped with a handicap ramp outside, and elevator inside the perks of this property continue with 4 separate office spaces, two full bathrooms, a full kitchenette, and a dry basement.
Call Kaleb at 312-623-0028
Chantal at 812-309-3754 for more details!,apartment_duplex,mobile_type/94514155_zpid/globalrelevanceex_sort/40.75475,-86.073998,40.737843,-86.101892_rect/14_zm/?


Cozy and Inexpensive Home with Great Upside Potential!

Comfortable and cozy, inexpensive, and in a great neighborhood. This 2 bedroom home, equipped with a kitchen, extra garage, and dishwasher is a peaceful, homey, efficient home near public transportation. With great upside potential and all offers considered, this turn key, lovingly maintained, home with a backyard is an amazing deal for anyone looking for a home.

All Offers Considered